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Titleholder Responsibilities


Ms Sacramento Leather provides representation, outreach, service and education to the Sacramento Valley area leather, fetish, and kink communities.  Ms Sacramento Leather may elect to compete for a regional or international title, or focus solely on service within the Sacramento Valley area.

Ms Sacramento Leather is responsible for the following:

• Be a role model and representative as well as a visible member of the Sacramento leather, fetish, and kink communities.

• Attend Mr. Bolt Leather Contest and Northwest Leather Celebration, as well as a minimum of 4 additional Sacramento Valley area leather, fetish, or kink events or meetings during the course of your title year, volunteering to help wherever possible.

• Attend the Ms Sacramento Leather Contest at the end of your title year, at which you will present your step-down speech and serve as Tallymaster.


• Hold at least one fundraising event to support a cause or organization of your choice.  A fundraiser for the Titleholder Fund is acceptable only after a fundraiser is completed for another cause or organization.


• Maintain contact with the Producers throughout your title year on a twice monthly basis with a brief phone call or email, unless and until other methods are agreed upon, to keep them informed of your titleholder activities.


• Maintain a social media presence of your title events and appearances. The Producers will help with the creation of social media accounts if needed.


• Ms Sacramento may not run for another title during the title year as Ms Sacramento Leather.


• Assist with contest publicity, including recruitment of future contestants and publicity for any events associated with the Ms Sacramento Leather Contest throughout your title year.


• Show support and encouragement to future Ms Sacramento Leather contestants and titleholders.  Ms Sacramento Leather is invited to assist the title successor as a part of the support team for the following title year in an offering of continuity and camaraderie.

Regional or International Contests

Ms Sacramento Leather may choose to run for one of the following contest systems as a progression to a Regional or International level:

• Northwest Person of Leather / International Person of Leather
• American Brotherhood Weekend
• International Ms Leather

This is not required as part of the Ms Sacramento Leather Title.  The titleholder may choose to focus service on the local community exclusively.  Should Ms Sacramento Leather decide to run for the next level title, we encourage the titleholder to  chose the contest system that best speaks to who the titleholder is as a leather person.

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