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Contest History

2019 / 2020

Ms Sacramento Leather


carlene and tiffany fixed.jpg
tiff and lh.jpg

Lady Hilary

1998 Ms Sacramento Valley Leather

20 years later with Tiffany

2018 Ms Sacramento Leather

2019 Carlene, Ms Sacramento Leather

2018  Tiffany, Ms Sacramento Leather

1998   Lady Hilary, Ms Sacramento Valley Leather

1993   Jennifer, Ms Sacramento Valley Leather
1992   Carolina, Ms Sacramento Valley Leather
1991   Jana, Ms Leather Sacramento
1989   Jolanne, Ms Leather Sacramento
1988  Jolanne, Ms Leather Sacramento
1987   Kim, Ms Leather Sacramento

The above information was retrieved from past International Ms Leather program books.
If you have additional information regarding the women's leather title history in

Sacramento, please email us at

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