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Johnathan Cameron, AKA Taryn Thru-U, has been performing in Drag for 15 years. He does not use the term Female Impersonator do to the fact that he is built like a football player. He usually refers to himself as the “Linebacker in Drag”.

Johnathan, graduated from CSU, Sacramento with a bachelor’s degree in Theatre and Dance and danced professionally in the region with Dale Scholl Dance/Art for 10 years before retiring. To fill the void of not performing on a stage, Johnathan became “Taryn” and found a new enjoyment of performing in the Art of Drag. Taking a mixture of theatrics, dance, comedy and passion, Taryn Thru-U has become a local celebrity in the Sacramento LGBTQ community.

Referred to as “Momma T” by members of the drag scene, the employees in his professional job (the one that pays the bills) and by many in the Sacramento general community, Taryn has created a sense of family. His focus is about creating a safe, fun and enjoyable surrounding for people to flourish within their own possibilities. Besides performing, Taryn guest lectures at local colleges, including UC Davis, designing and making costumes for a local high school dance company, emceeing events such as the Neo-Crocker Grand Opening and raising money for local organizations through the Non-Profit CGNIE or commonly referred to as the Imperial Court of Sacramento.


2020 Ms Sacramento Leather Contest Judges

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