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Ms Sacramento Leather Contest is produced by KinkED Productions.


2019 Contestants


Carlene has been kinky ever since she can remember. In the mid-1980’s, after discovering other kinksters in the world, she embarked on her journey to find her authentic self and to have as much fun as she possibly could. Carlene has been providing community service through presenting and hosting classes, demos and play parties, and facilitating the longest continually running munch in the Sacramento area. Carlene is the co-founder of the California Central Valley Leather Alliance and the founder of the Sacramento Submissive Support and Discussion Group. She is a member of MAsT Stockton, MAsT Sacramento, Portland Leather alliance, and The Exiles. Carlene and Master Kelly competed for the title of Northwest Master/slave in 2014 and 2016, and in 2018, Carlene was asked to judge the Northwest Master/slave and Person of Leather contests. Carlene has continually dedicated her service to the Sacramento community through volunteering, teaching, and promoting the Leather lifestyle.



Kay has been part of the Sacramento kink scene for 6 years, and regularly teachs kink classes around the Greater Sacramento Area. She is passionate about education, consent, advocating for the Sacramento BDSM scene, and reaching out to vanilla organizations that may intersect with the Leather lifestyle (i.e. WEAVE, Sac LGBTQ+ Center, etc). That is, of course, when she’s not engaging in heavy psychological play with cute boys and girls.  Little known fact, if you bring her a tribute of cookies, she’ll say wonderful things about you.